Physical Immortality Book

Book: Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide”


Sales Price: $19.95 USD for both PDF and Word Versions

Your Commission per Sale: $11.97 USD

Sales History:  This book has been sold in both print and digital additions since 2008. It is recognized as one of the foremost books on the spiritual and metaphysical

aspects of extreme longevity and immortality. Thousands of copies have been sold worldwide. Huge affiliate sales opportunity.


This book covers a broad swath on the subject of Immortality.

The books starts by covering the history of the search for immortality.

Then a long chapter with names and details of long lived persons . After this comes a review of the scientific search for immortality.

The last several chapters deal with the Spiritual, Energy body and physical aspects of your body’s health and longevity. Some of these Chapters provide Spiritual Practices, exercises, and supplements to help you live forever.

Advice is also given on attitudes and abilities to avoid accidents to help you in your quest for immortality

The Living Immortals Site provides detailed information on the principles discussed in the book at

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