The Prophecy Book

Book: “Prophecy: A History and How to Guide”


Sales Price: $19.95 USD for both PDF and Word Versions

Your Commission per Sale: $11.97 USD

Sales History: Many copies of this books sold over the last few years. It includes many experiences of the author and his exercises on how to learn

prophecy yourself. A unique combination of history, experience, exercises, and theory. Includes a lot of stories of my personal experiences.


Have you ever had a dream that came true? Or a vision of something that seemed very real and it later came to pass?

If so you may already be sensitive to the future.

This book covers the History of Prophecy, famous prophets,  popular divination methods, then concepts about how Prophecy may work.

The Author has experienced many visions and dreams of the future and uses his experience and insight to help you see yours.

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