God Like Powers Series-Vol1

Book: “The God Like Powers Series: Volume1 Bundle


Sales Price: $29.95 USD for both PDF and Word Versions

Your Commission per Sale: $17.99 USD

Sales History: I started the new God Like Powers Series of books in the fall of 2011-and got a tremendous amount of interest. This Volume 1 compilation has only been out a few months but is already selling very well.


This book is a compilation of the first five books of the series

Get all of the first five books of this series on spiritual powers and abilities.
These books include:

  • Human Invisibility
  • Invulnerability and Shielding
  • Teleportation
  • Psychokinesis
  • Our Energy Body, Auras, and Thoughtforms

Each book contains the following information:

  • A History of the search for the ability
  • Historical records and current cases of occurances
  • Any relevant scientfic research
  • Related information on this ability used in other places or situations like UFOs
  • Exercises to help you learn this ability yourself

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