Sales Landing Pages

There are two alternatives you can use to direct traffic to our clickbank landing pages to generate pass through traffic for sales commissions:

1) Use the integrated clickbank only website. This site is a subset of the main website with only pages and links

to sell clickbank products. Your clickbank id will pass through and generate commissions for sales made on all of these pages.

Click here to go to the clickbank only website

Replace the AFFID in the code below to pass your clickbank ID through for affiliate commissions on any orders from this site.

See the “Products to Sell” Submenus from the Homepage on this site for image links, banners, and other resources to help you direct traffic and close sales.

2) You can download the zip file below with individual clickbank product landing pages for the main products we offer resources for on this site.

These pages have only the individual product sales information for the specific product and no other menus or links to anything else.

Each of these pages has clickbank purchase links near the bottom. If you wish, you can setup these pages separately on your own website and direct customer traffic to these pages using the affiliate resources links provided for each product.

Many affiliates find that this approach keeps visitors focused on just the specific product sales text–and not anything else.

(Make sure to confirm on your page setup that your affiliate id is passing through to the clickbank order page properly before you go live.)

Click here to download the individual clickbank product landing pages

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