How Much Can I Make?

Your potential earnings are unlimited and are dependent on how much time you put into getting pass through traffic to our sales pages.
The books and videos I’m offering in this Affiliate program are quality and unique content which nobody else has–so with the correct sales page you can definitely make sales.


In direct sales I often sell well over 20 copies of a single book per month–and that is with my limited direct marketing effort.


With an average affiliate commission of $14 per book that is $280 net per month. Multiply that amount by eight products and you should be able to get up to $2,240 per month for all eight products which works out to about $27,000 per year. Not bad eh?


If you also get people to signup for our Subscription Services that commission averages $540 dollars per year for one customer. Multiply that by 3 new subscription clients per month for twelve months and you get almost $20,000 per year.


By having an active affiliate program on this website and upselling customers to our subscription service you should be able to net almost $50,000 per year!


This is doable–believe me!

Marty Ettington
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