ECourse Marketing

ECourse Marketing is one of the most effective online marketing tools available.

It’s all based on marketing research which has learned that you normally have to “touch” a lead 5-7 times to turn them into a customer.

The easiest way to touch and followup with a lead is using automated email systems like

It’s easy to setup an account at and there are many other automated email management systems too.

I use quite a few ecourses on my main customer website and they convert a lot of leads into sales in an average of seven lessons each spaced about 2 days apart.

To help you get started I’m offering you two pre-written ecourses as follows:

Immortality ECourse:

Used to sell customers on the ebooks “Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide” and “The Commentaries of Living Immortals”.

Click here to download the immortality Ecourse lessons in a word doc

 God Like Powers ECourse:

This Ecourse covers a range of books including “God Like Powers and Abilities”, The God Like Series Ebooks, and the Prophecy Ebook.

Click here to download the God Like Powers Ecourse lessons in a word doc

 Feel free to customize and use these ecourses as you wish and I’m sure it will help you convert more leads into sales and help you build

your own email list.

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